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I am seeing an interesting trend emerge.

In days gone by, many families would have their primary residence in the city and have a holiday home in on the coast.

It seems to me that a growing number of my real estate clients are changing that around – they are securing their coastal properties to be their primary residence and exchanging their city home for an apartment. 

Why not?  You often cannot find the level of privacy, space and views in a city property to match those you can enjoy on the coast. It is a great outcome whereby people can improve the quality of lifestyle but retain a place to stay when attending matters in the city.

I know many of my clients see home as their ‘base’ – somewhere they love to come back to between projects and trips.  Travel is a valued part of their lives.  In having a coastal base, they can arrive home by flying over the Bay of Islands versus sitting in the traffic on a motorway.

Of course it is not for everyone – the geographical nature of your work or having children in certain schools may hinder such great plans….

For those who can make the move, it seems to have plenty of positive results.  In the current market the financial incentive alone may present plenty of upside. That may not be the case in years to come.   As technology continues to open the doors for people looking to work from home, more people can choose to live anywhere in the country.  With our population set to grow, will more people cast their eyes to coastal and rural regions in search of space?