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In the Bay of Islands, luxury real estate can come with considerable views.

Property can also be of significant size – both in terms of house size and land area. You can find a level of privacy, outlook and space that is no longer possible in more populated parts of the world.

When you look at the size versus population of countries around the world, it puts it into perspective how lucky we are in New Zealand. 

We may not be the least densely populated country – that goes to Mongolia with about 2.8 million people spread over 1,564,000km2 – but in New Zealand we do enjoy plenty of space.

In addition, New Zealand has an expansive coastline which can deliver more than a few lifestyle benefits. New Zealanders are known for their high level of boat ownership per population. Auckland is even regarded as ‘the City of Sails’ – here is a great clip to watch if you are not familiar with Auckland. It is the international gateway to the Bay of Islands, just a short flight away.

It’s not surprising that many visitors to the Bay of Islands become residents. The Bay of Islands is home to a diverse population and is welcoming to newcomers.  If you are considering a visit or move to the Bay of Islands, please feel free to get in touch with any queries.

Charlie Brendon-Cook
Luxury Real Estate New Zealand