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Waking up to New Zealand – Luxury Real Estate Bay of Islands

Bay of Islands versus Vancouver Islands

For many Canadians, getting to New Zealand is as simple as going to sleep for the night.

With Air New Zealand’s direct flights, Canadians can fly out in the evening and wake up in Auckland in the morning. Not only is that easier than flying to many European destinations, New Zealand has so much to offer. Canadians and New Zealanders have a lot in common. Both are relatively young countries where the lifestyle is orientated toward outdoor pursuits and enjoyment of the spectacular scenery.

The islands off Vancouver are certainly not dissimilar to New Zealand’s Bay of Islands.One of my colleagues in The Luxury Real Estate Network, is based in the Gulf Islands in the Strait of Georgia between mainland British Columbia, Canada and Vancouver Island.

Whenever I see her latest luxury property listings or posts on the region I am amazed at how familiar they appear, particularly in the location pictures. There are 225 islands over there as opposed to approximately 144 in New Zealand’s Bay of Islands. They have a system of floatplanes, ferries and private vessels with marinas dotted around the bays, like this one taken from the luxurious Hastings House in Salt Spring Island.

With our beaches, climate and similar aquatic lifestyle, I am not surprised that New Zealand is high on the agenda for many Canadians. When word spreads on how easy it now is to get to New Zealand and the luxurious property available in the Bay of Islands, I expect we will see a lot more Canadians in our neck of the woods.

Air New Zealand has flights where you can leave Vancouver at 8pm and arrive in Auckland at 6am. A short flight up the coast and you can arrive in Kerikeri at 9.20am. Approximately CAD$1,577 – too easy!

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