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About the Whangamumu and Cape Brett Walking Tracks

There are two amazing destinations starting on this track – the old Whaling Station at Whangamumu and the lighthouse at Cape Brett.

The walk to Whangamumu is about 4.2km leading down to a beautiful coastline, beach and the site of the old whaling station. Whalers used this area as a shore-based station until the 1940’s. You can learn more and see exhibits of boats and tools used at Russell Museum.

Cape Brett which is a more challenging option is a further 7.2km or so. The walk rewards trampers with outstanding views and thankfully nowadays, they may even see whales migrating up and down the Bay of Islands coastline in freedom.

You can walk in one direction by arranging a water taxi drop off or collection and there is a hut at Cape Brett to book an overnight stay, bearing in mind you need to carry in or out all your requirements for your stay. See the Department of Conservation Whangamumu Track and Cape Brett Walk for further information.

The annual Cape Brett Challenge has seen runners complete the 37km run in a current record of 4.10.04.

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