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One of the many advantages of living in the Bay of Islands is being privy to sights such as this.  The views are incredible and ever-changing.  Each season brings a new richness.  With the official arrival of summer last week, more visitors are also enjoying the beaches and bays.
If you are planning a visit to the Bay of Islands, there are a host of charter companies ranging from sail boats to fast boats, as well as kayak tours, diving, standup paddling and fishing trips to help you enjoy the best of the Bay of Islands.

The two largest tour operators are Fullers Great Sights and Explore Bay of Islands.  For more bespoke tours, sailboat charters and on-water sports and activities, contact Russell Booking and Information Centre for further information.

Other useful information may include:
Bay of Islands marine weather forecast
Northland Regional Council ‘At the Beach’
Fishing quotas and guidelines

Have a great summer.