Investing in New Zealand

As members of the International Group of Luxury Agents, Luxury Real Estate New Zealand is the specialist agency for assisting investors from around the globe with property in New Zealand.

Why New Zealand coastal and waterfront property?

New Zealand holds great appeal as a country offering superior lifestyle and a stunning natural environment. The north-east coast of the North Island is highly regarded for the area’s spectacular islands, beaches and waterways.
Given the climate, breath-taking scenery and aquatic attractions, the region has long been popular with New Zealand families. Properties and land holdings have been considered heirlooms, prized for generations.

Many holiday homes were affectionately known as the family ‘bach’. These properties tended to be of modest construction and were often furnished in recycled pieces.

Nowadays, the area is now home to some of the country’s most exclusive real estate. Owners are a mix of local, national and international buyers.

At a time when it seems everyone the world over covets coastal property, it is not surprising that New Zealand has proven popular with international investors. The quality of lifestyle and location is exceptional. When it comes to design, New Zealanders have proven ingenious – producing world-class, contemporary architecture.

The Bay of Islands and NE coast of New Zealand offers more than a great outdoors lifestyle. The region is only a few hours from the City of Sails, Auckland.
Auckland is truly a great city, offering fabulous cultural events, entertainment venues, fashion design, arts and education facilities.

International investment
Buying property in New Zealand is a relatively straight-forward procedure. The usual processes such as auction, tender and private treaty apply. In coastal regions, property is often offered for sale by private treaty.
Some property purchases by overseas buyers will be subject to approval by the Overseas Investment Office. This primarily refers to large parcels of land and absolute waterfront estates, but there are some other aspects to the legislation which have specific rules.

UPDATE 2018 – The new government has some proposed new regulations which have not been finalised as yet.  Please take advice from a professional immigration consultant or other such expert before making any decision to purchase in New Zealand.


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