The Central Business District with its breathtaking skyline is the beating heart of Auckland. It is glamorous and bursting with life and offers trendy bars, designer boutiques, extravagant shopping, entertainment, adventure and nightlife right by the harbourside.

If you are feeling lucky, you can book yourself into a casino hotel with easy access to the gaming floor. Here you can try your hand at roulette, slot machines or card tables. Casino hotels in the Auckland Central Business District feature either a casino directly adjacent to the hotel or they have a casino on site. Guests that prefer to play in their luxurious rooms can also play on online pokies sites.

SkyCity Hotel, Grand Hotel and Entertainment Complex

The SkyCity Hotel and SkyCity Grand Hotel in the Auckland Central Business District are located next to the over a thousand feet tall Sky Tower and adjacent to the SkyCity Entertainment complex, which consists of several theatres, a convention centre and the largest casino in New Zealand. The SkyCity Auckland complex is owned by the SkyCity Entertainment Group, which took over the operations in 1998. The SkyCity group own six casinos in Australia and New Zealand.

SkyCity Auckland includes the magnificent Sky Tower. The casino is the biggest in the country and features more than 1600 gaming machines and 110 gaming tables.

The SkyCity Hotel is a four-star casino hotel that serves casino customers, business people and families. It is one of the busiest hotels in New Zealand and has 323 rooms. The SkyCity Grand Hotel is a luxury five-star hotel and is connected to the main complex by an air bridge. It serves high-stake gamblers, business people and prominent guests like Justin Bieber, Christina Aguillera and Justin Timberlake. The rooms have been designed by the interior designer Chhada Siembieda who specialises in luxury hotel interiors.