New Zealand is an incredible place to live and work. Many people fall in love with the place during their first visit and return many times, eventually deciding to move to New Zealand. To ensure to pick the right place to live, it is important to be informed about the different options for property locations in the country.

So what are the best places to live in New Zealand?


Many people choose to live in the stunningly located Queenstown. The surrounding area offers great outdoor activities in the summer and world-class skiing in the winter months. The city has many different industries and it’s easy to find work. House prices are some of the highest in the country, but it’s cheaper to live in the suburbs. The Central Otago region has properties with stunning views.


The location of Napier in the heart of Hawke’s Bay makes it a beautiful place to live. Napier has a stunning coastline, great vineyards, an amazing network of cycle paths and fantastic golf courses. There’s quite a bit of sunshine all year round and it doesn’t get as cold in the winter months as in other places in New Zealand. There are plenty of businesses in and around Napier to make it possible to find work. The cost of living is significantly lower than in the bigger cities.


Thanks to its geothermal attractions Rotorua is a popular tourist destination, so there are plenty of jobs in tourism, hospitality and catering. Rotorua is located in the centre of the North Island and is easily accessible.


Many people moving to New Zealand from overseas base themselves in Auckland, the biggest city in the country. Auckland has a great waterfront with great beaches, watersports, restaurants and walks. The city has a lot to offer, but house prices are high. On the other hand, there are many jobs in the big city.